September 2019

September has been a great kick off month to school for our 8th graders!

In Math 8 we started the year with a short review unit of some of the key grade 7 topics before launching into our first unit; Exponents and Scientific Notation. We’ve covered all the basic skills for this unit now and we are working on putting everything together with real life problems. Kids are working in groups to get more comfortable with really diving into how to solve the problems. They have a unit test next Wednesday that will mostly focus on the application portion of the skills. Continue reading “September 2019”


Floating Classroom field trip

This year the 7th grade went on their annual Floating Classroom field trip. Last year I was assigned to stay back with a few kids so this was my first time on the trip. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had heard about it from my own kids when they went in grade 7, so I looked forward to seeing the teacher side of things.

We had the kids in 6 groups, each led by a teacher and at least one parent chaperone. Thanks SO much to our parents for spending the day with us. It was lovely to have so many adults on our trip. I led group 2 and we spent a portion of our day alone (our hike) and we merged with group 6 for the boat ride and with group 1 for our time at the stream. In middle of the day we had a long period of time where we were able to eat, play on the playground and swim. Continue reading “Floating Classroom field trip”

7th Grade Interviews

It is official! Our 7th graders have all been interviewed. A group of students met with me every other Wednesday during lunch to share a little bit about themselves. We talked about their favorite things from 7th grade, shared some sports and hobbies and chose words to describe our personalities. Our time ends with enjoying a sweet treat before heading back for recess. These little write-ups have been on display in the 2nd floor hallway for the year. The first half of the grade was complete by the new year and the 2nd half of the grade just finished. Continue reading “7th Grade Interviews”

2nd Annual Pi Day (2019)

Check out our slideshow below to see all the pictures from Pi Day. Read on after the pictures to get a glimpse of our celebratory day.


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This year our 7th graders enjoyed the 2nd annual Pi Day!! We changed a few things from last year’s celebration. This year we had a team of students plan the event together with me. We met during lunch and recess to determine our activities and to do the prep work for creating a great day for the kids. Continue reading “2nd Annual Pi Day (2019)”

Our plans for January 22-25 (our last weekly update!)

Dear parents,

This is our last weekly update. I’m going to drop this part of my teaching due to low readership in favor of less frequent posts/pages about curriculum or classroom highlights. I apologize for people who are enjoying the updates, but feel like it is the right plan to discontinue this. I’ve been writing weekly updates for a year and a half now! While I am sad to see them go, I know this will make room for more meaningful content for parents and students over time.  Continue reading “Our plans for January 22-25 (our last weekly update!)”

Our plans for January 14-18

The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics. -Paul Halmos

This week we started our winter iReady testing. We piloted using Chromebooks in our classroom instead of going to the computer lab. This generally went really well!! If your child has their own headphones, please encourage him to bring them on Monday for day #2 of testing. We have school headphones, but they aren’t as great as the ones the kids are used to using. Unfortunately, we had internet problems period 9 so the kids didn’t get to start. Instead we pivoted quickly and worked on what we plan on learning next Tuesday. Our classes will even up over the course of next week.

Continue reading “Our plans for January 14-18”

Our plans for January 7-11

In Math 7 this week we’ll be continuing to work through Module 3. This module is where we get to have some fun learning about like terms and working with them. You can support your child by accessing Google Classroom with them to check out the class notes. Their notes should be filled in through lesson 3 at this point. All notes (.pdf version) are posted in Google Classroom. Please look at the header for things and see which pages were that day. Each day the updated .pdf version is posted, so you will have to “flip” to the proper pages to check things out.

This is our plan for the week.

  • Monday – Lesson 4 Factoring and Distributive Property (Home Practice)
  • Tuesday – Lesson 5/Review (NO Home Practice)
  • Wednesday – Review (Finish Review Sheet for HP if needed)
  • Thursday – Quiz Lessons 1-5
  • Friday – iReady testing

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