Week #32 Updates (2018)

This week FLEW by for me. I hope that it felt like a positive and quick week for your kids. In pre-Algebra we finished with Module 4. This was our linear equation unit and a large focus was on graphing these equations. Most of the kids did VERY well on the end of module test. I feel confident that the majority of the class has a good understanding of linear equations. I did pull a few kids for re-teaching some things during lunch. The smaller setting can help make things more digestible, and without the chaos of a lot of kids around during the after school. Talk with your child and if he or she is feeling stuck on any of the graphing things, please encourage them to arrange a one on one or small group time.

We started our next unit which is a merge of module 2 and 3 in Math 8. It is all the fundamentals of Geometry. They won’t see these concepts again until grade 9 since they are not part of the Algebra curriculum. However, the exposure and practice now will help when they enter Geometry as freshmen. Many feel that this unit is EASY so far. I have reminded them that each topic can feel easy in isolation, but it is something not to get complacent with. When we put everything together if you have zoned out during the seemingly easy stuff, suddenly everything feels really challenging!

In Math 7 we’ve been working with angle equations this week. What started out as very confusing is now starting to feel clear for most of the kids. We have a lot of new vocabulary and we’re having to apply that vocabulary. I have posted a Quizlet set of flashcards (made by a 10th grade student intern that I’m very grateful to have doing some work for me) on Google Classroom. If you can, remind your child to check out the vocab practice and give it some time this weekend.

We will have a quiz on angle relationships next week – postponed from this Friday because I just didn’t feel we were ready.

State testing for math is next Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll have a modified schedule with shortened periods for the day. As a result, we will probably review on Tuesday and then take the quiz on Wednesday. I know it seems like a lot of testing for one day, but with the shortened time period it fits well. The quiz isn’t long, and it is just an opportunity to show me what they know.

Have a great weekend!