Week #37 Updates (2018)

We’re nearing the end. We’ve completed all our math material for the year and we are busy reviewing for our final exam next Friday. Both pre-Algebra and Math 7 are in the computer lab working on self correcting material. They are watching videos to review at a pace that is comfortable for them and then taking quizzes to assess how they are doing. 

I’m happy with how this is going so far for the most part – kids who understand the material are normally forced to be very patient while we re-teach to kids who are struggling. For review, everyone has different levels of recall from the first time we learned things. I’m trying to find the best videos I can to use as re-teaching (and in some cases will make my own, though there are so many great options out there!) Then, I create these self checking quizzes in an app called Quizizz. It is really cool because it gives a competition aspect to things, gives me a full report on how a student did (including what problems were missed and how many seconds were spent on each problem) etc. If a student misses more than 3 in a lesson I’m asking them to go back and re-watch the video and try again. I’m also encouraging them to raise hands and seek help instead of guessing on a problem. For many kids it is a tough transition to get away from just getting something done and turning it in vs focusing on accuracy.

In pre-Algebra, the kids have been asked to complete everything in Google Classroom for the weekend. We’ll refresh with more topics on Monday morning at 7. In this class, the struggle is for me to keep up with their desire for more work!

In Math 7 I’ve asked them to complete as much as they are able – ideally at least the Module 1 Review. The range is great in this class – some are still working on the basic skills review of adding fractions while others have almost completed everything posted. Please take a minute to check out Google Classroom with your child this weekend and how things are going. This is an opportunity to move as quickly as a student wants to – I’ll keep adding topics as they get through them. It is important to know that Google Classroom is like any other platform where the newest thing is at the top of the feed. Your child has to scroll to where they are each time, even when new work has been posted.

Remember to keep sending your child to school with paper, pencils and a calculator for math. We will be learning right up to the end of school. After our final we have some great Community Read math lessons planned.