Week #38 Updates (2018)

We are almost at the end of the school year! Your kids are practically 8th graders!! Here are some quick end of year updates.

  1. Pre-Algebra students have completed the first day of their final exam. We’ll finish on Monday and there’s a small chance we’ll need to push slightly into Tuesday.
  2. Math 7 students will have their final exam on Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure to send your child to school with their calculator and a pencil.
  3. Next Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be doing our Community Read math lessons in class and on Friday we have our full school Community Read day!! I’m on this committee and we’ve planned some super great things for the kids. They will be doing different activities in the morning and we’ll all watch the new movie for A Wrinkle in Time in the afternoon. We’ve read up through chapter 4 of this book in math class and next week the Library Media Literacy classes will pick up where I left off with the kids.
  4. Our field trip is Wednesday June 20th (so not next week but the following week). Thank you SO much to all the parents who are able to help us chaperone. We are excited to have a fun day down at the lake with the kids. There are lots of great things planned for this crew. If you didn’t sign up to chaperone but find yourself free and just wanting to join us, do feel free. We’re happy to have you.

Have a wonderful weekend!