Week #3 Updates (2018-2019)

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

– Mark Twain

This week was a busy week for us! Both Math 7 and pre-Algebra had their first Quiz for the year and it was our first time doing Problem of the Week. Kids are settling into routines, classroom jobs and figuring out all the things they need to do to be successful not just in math but in all of grade 7.

Math 7 Highlights

In class we graphed and worked on one-step equations


  • We’re working on understanding unit rate and proportional relationships. Trips to the grocery store to look at unit price and discussions about gas mileage, cost of things etc can help the kids bringing math home. We worked on problems with unit prices of ice-cream this week.
  • We’re moving into a mini review of fractions this week. There is optional home practice on Google Classroom for this. It is interactive (self checking) and I highly encourage you to have the kids take time to do it (maybe with your help). This 3/4/5/6 grade topic is still pretty hazy for many of them, and even those that have solid skills can always benefit from some practice. Encourage them to mark the work done when they do it (honor system) so I know they gave it a go.

I love math! -Audun

Pre-Algebra Highlights

  • We just finished working with like terms and learning the distributive property. These were challenging concepts for many of the kids. There are optional Google Classroom assignments to practice – even though our quiz happened, doesn’t mean we’re done with the skill. We’ll continue to reinforce this during this unit and when we hit the grade 8 material.
  • We are working with fractional expressions. This is a really fun but challenging topic. We started this today and it will continue into next week. Next week we’ll also start to write our own equations and do a lot of work with word problems. This Module is a tough start to grade 7, so the kids will be constantly on their toes!!


  • Tuesday tutorial is for pre-Algebra in my room and the Math 7 kids work with Mr. Rocco on that day in room 311. Thursdays I work with Math 7 students. Kids are asked to stay with a teacher if they need to work on something for the class they owe or are struggling with a concept. They may also ask to stay with a teacher if they want to work on things, need extra help etc.
  • I bought a cool air popper this summer and brought it into school so my big plan is to have popcorn as a snack for tutorial. We tried it Thursday and it was an ok start … the kids weren’t thrilled that it just had salt and no butter, but I do want to keep it healthy – it is just a small snack in our day 🙂 I will probably buy some more fun seasonings soon to spice things up!!


  • The kids have iReady ELA testing next week. This is a 2 day test that takes place in their ELA class. Our Math testing will be the following week. This is new testing in place of what used to be STAR tests.
  • And in our classroom for our first quiz I took some pictures to share with you. This summer they had pink display boards on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I bought what they have and it turned out to be just what we need to give some privacy to the kids for quizzes and tests. I may buy some more since the kids were very happy to have their divided and focused space.