Our plans for October 15-19

The quietest people have the loudest minds.

-Stephen King

Last week was a whirlwind week! I have to admit that if I were to pick a shortened week option, it would be to have Friday off vs starting on a Tuesday. There’s just something about starting a week a day late that makes everything feel rushed. We had a week of extremes – HOT October weather in one of the warmest classrooms in the school for most of the week and nice seasonal temps to end the week.

Math 7

We finished our Stations A-E this week. This activity is counting for our unit test for Module 1. Today we started the first little bit of our Scale Drawing Project. This project will be the last part of Module 1. After a few days of learning what we need to know for the project, the kids will work solo or in groups of two to design a scale drawing of an addition on their house.


We wrapped our week learning about inequality word problems. The kids are getting pretty comfortable with writing let statements and solving and graphing inequalities. We’ll continue to touch on this along with equations even as we start our project on Monday. This project is one that will allow us to explore area and perimeter of shapes and to create our own art piece. I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity! After a few days of classroom learning we’ll begin the project. This project will be completed within the table groups that your child is seated with for the second 5 weeks. Our project will span a bit over a week.

For Parents

Parents, please encourage your child to check email regularly. My definitely of regularly is daily. I post a lot of things on Google Classroom so they get notifications and updates that I’d like them to be staying on top of. If your child is struggling in class, staying on top of posted notes can help support their learning.

Next week we’ll have our Problem of the Week #4 for the marking period. The kids are starting to get more comfortable with getting something on Monday and handing it in on Friday. Please remember to check Homework Hotline if your child isn’t sure about the home practice for the evening.

For Students

Now that we’re 6 weeks into school people are starting to get a little disorganized. Take some time to make sure your math things (and all your other classroom things) are in order. Remember you need to bring your blue folder with module and home practice, binder, composition book to class every day. We haven’t used our binder much yet but we will soon start to put some papers into it. We’ll be using our composition books for our Do Now a few times this week.