Our plans for January 7-11

In Math 7 this week we’ll be continuing to work through Module 3. This module is where we get to have some fun learning about like terms and working with them. You can support your child by accessing Google Classroom with them to check out the class notes. Their notes should be filled in through lesson 3 at this point. All notes (.pdf version) are posted in Google Classroom. Please look at the header for things and see which pages were that day. Each day the updated .pdf version is posted, so you will have to “flip” to the proper pages to check things out.

This is our plan for the week.

  • Monday – Lesson 4 Factoring and Distributive Property (Home Practice)
  • Tuesday – Lesson 5/Review (NO Home Practice)
  • Wednesday – Review (Finish Review Sheet for HP if needed)
  • Thursday – Quiz Lessons 1-5
  • Friday – iReady testing

In pre-Algebra this week we’ll have a short quiz on Tuesday on angle equations. We spent last week learning these. The kids did a really great job working their new vocabulary into creating angle equations. I love this section because it is like the seeing eye posters – you know those posters that are made up of a lot of little images and a big image is supposed to pop out at you? Well, the kids all see the connections at different times, paces, ways etc. As the week went on things went from being in focus only occasionally to switching to full on focus for most students. I loved watching the kids go back in their notes to confirm the relationship they thought it was before writing an equation to represent the situation. If this all sounds Greek to you, ask your child to share about this section at home. It’s always fun to get a little Geometry refresher as an adult.

After our quiz we’ll move into constructions. We get to work with protractors, rulers and compasses. This is a fun hands-on section of Math 7 that the kids typically enjoy.

Our plan for the week:

  • Monday – Lesson 5 – Triangle Correspondence (Home Practice)
  • Tuesday – Short Quiz and begin to play with compasses/rulers/protractors
  • Wednesday – Constructions (Home Practice – computer helpful)
  • Thursday – Constructions (Home Practice – computer helpful)
  • Friday – iReady testing

Peer Tutor Updates

We have new peer tutor pairs. Students are partnered by class in almost all cases. Peer tutor pairs are expected to meet once per week during tutorial, lunch, recess or after school for about a half hour. I posted updated assignments online in the Peer Tutor Google Classroom and students will get the updates in class on Monday. We have several new partnerships starting this month.

This program is working very well – I am seeing great confidence improvement in the groups of kids working together – both for the tutor and the student being helped. Additionally, it is really helping improve organization and responsibility – both really important things for success in school.