Our plans for January 14-18

The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics. -Paul Halmos

This week we started our winter iReady testing. We piloted using Chromebooks in our classroom instead of going to the computer lab. This generally went really well!! If your child has their own headphones, please encourage him to bring them on Monday for day #2 of testing. We have school headphones, but they aren’t as great as the ones the kids are used to using. Unfortunately, we had internet problems period 9 so the kids didn’t get to start. Instead we pivoted quickly and worked on what we plan on learning next Tuesday. Our classes will even up over the course of next week.

Math 7

Our plans for next week include finishing iReady on Monday and then delving into more word problems. Please check Google Classroom with your child to see what the assignments are and if you are interested in knowing their grades, log into School Tool. We’re in the final 2 weeks of the marking period, so it is crunch time for some kids to improve grades. We will have several graded review exit tickets and warm-ups next week.


  • Monday: iReady
  • Tuesday: Equation Word Problems
  • Wednesday: Equation Word Problems
  • Thursday: Review
  • Friday: Quiz – Solving Equation Word Problems


In pre-Algebra we’re learning about Geometry. We’ve been working on constructing circles, triangles and angles. We’re also using our protractors to measure angles. Ask your child about words like supplementary, complementary, angles on a line and vertical angles. They’ve been writing equations and solving them for these relationships. Because our constructions need to take place in class we had 2 review assignments last week. Students have been asked to come to tutorial on Tuesday if they struggled with them. We also have an activity to do during tutorial. I’d like to do it in our regular class period (it’s a really fun construction activity) but we don’t have the class time. As such, I’ve invited the kids to come in during tutorial Tuesday and/Thursday and the following Tuesday (any or all of these days) to work on this activity. I hope to have a big crew on these days. Here is our schedule for next week.

  • Monday – iReady testing (bring headphones)
  • Tuesday – Finish constructions and start triangle lab
  • Wednesday – Triangle lab
  • Thursday – Congruent Triangles
  • Friday – Real World Area Problems

In general news – we continue to offer movie club (we are just starting Newsies) during lunch on Thursdays and we’re offering game club on Tuesdays. There have been day changes (this week movie club was Friday and game club next week is Monday due to meeting conflicts). We’re also moving forward with the 2nd half of the grade for interviews every other Wednesday during lunch.

Have a wonderful weekend!