Our plans for January 22-25 (our last weekly update!)

Dear parents,

This is our last weekly update. I’m going to drop this part of my teaching due to low readership in favor of less frequent posts/pages about curriculum or classroom highlights. I apologize for people who are enjoying the updates, but feel like it is the right plan to discontinue this. I’ve been writing weekly updates for a year and a half now! While I am sad to see them go, I know this will make room for more meaningful content for parents and students over time. 

Math 7

We’ll have a quiz on word problems on Wednesday after practicing them one more day. This is the last grade for the marking period.

Please note that while I post most assignments in Google Classroom (I’m getting away from double posting in Homework Hotline. Please reach out if you depend on that as a parent. The kids use Google Classroom and I’d like to move toward just posting on my classroom board (for them to write in their planners) and Google Classroom (where students can log in and see, but also parents can ask their kids to let them see their Google Classroom – log in with them, or get their password to check occasionally).

A note about planners. We’ve had several parent meetings now and learned that students are not taking time to write in their planners. The kids are saying that the teachers tell them the work too quickly and they can’t get it down. In math our home practice is posted on a board all day long. I have students who pop in after school to check again because they forgot to put it in. I want you to know that it is readily available for copying down.

A success story about planners – I have a 7th grade student who has been having me sign the planner daily for probably about 2 months. It is something the student’s parents asked the child to do. They never talked with teachers to facilitate it – just worked it out with their child. I’m so impressed that this student is remembering to do this for all classes. If you would like to ensure that your child gets home practice copied down (in all classes or even just one or two classes), try a strategy like this with your child. It really works well if they are accountable to you!


We are finishing up Module 6 of grade 7. I had hoped to finish it as this semester wraps up on Friday but we will need to push into next week to finish everything.

After we finish the Math 7 curriculum we will move right into grade 8 material. For this we won’t have full module packets to work from. Instead we will have individual sheets or small packets.

We haven’t used our half inch binder up until now, but I would like to switch over to the binder for grade 8 material. This is material your kids may want to access as a resource for Algebra next year and it will be nice for them to have it all stored in a binder. I’ll tell the kids this in class as well so they know what to expect.

For the 8th grade material we’ll be focusing mostly on what is needed for the Algebra curriculum. We’ll spend a lot of time graphing linear functions (you may want to buy some graph paper) and solving multi-step equations with variables on both sides. The textbook that the kids have at home will become more needed this spring as I give them work from it for extra practice and as a resource.

Report Cards

As is typical for math, the kids will get a half sheet from me a week before report cards go out. This will give the student their marking period 2 average as well as listing one great thing they did for marking period 2 and one thing I’d like them to work on to have more success in math. Look for this on Friday – ask your child about it.