7th Grade Interviews Complete

Our year long project of interviewing all 7th graders is complete. Check out our pictures of our hallway! I enjoyed the opportunity to dine with small groups of kids and learn a bit more about everyone. These will be in the hallway on the 2nd floor until mid-June if you would like to see them in person!


Week #35 Updates

We have just completed our 35th week of school!! That means there are only a few weeks left of 7th grade for your child. As the parent of an 8th grader myself, I’m definitely starting to feel how close the end of this year is. I hope you take time to enjoy these precious weeks filled with projects, year end review and hopefully more nice weather. Continue reading “Week #35 Updates”

Week #34 Updates

We’re cruising quickly through our last marking period. A lot happened this week in school but I’ll just choose some highlights for you.

    • We’re trying out Edpuzzle for some video learning. I learned about this site through a professional development class I’m taking. The site lets you organize by class, link to Google Classroom and easily edit video to insert questions, not allow fast forwarding, etc. I tried it out with pre-Algebra this week with 2 short videos. The general consensus through blind reporting was that it is worth more investigation. They think there is good possibility for it.
    • We’re trying out Quizzizz for some competition with learning. This is another site I learned about in the class. We tried it out with one of the 3 math labs this week and the kids were evenly split on loving the competition aspect and hating it. Then, I turned off the leaderboard option and even the kids who hate the competition suddenly disliked this. We agreed that the point is the competition. I introduced it in one math 7 class and most of the kids (again through blind reporting) think it is pretty cool. We used it to practice our triangle proofs.
    • The pre-Algebra paintings are closer to being hung up! They are now in the hands of the person who is going to hang them. I know we are getting close now!! I think there’s a good chance the kids will get to have them on the walls while they are still in 7th grade. Our project has turned full year I guess.
    • In math 7 we learned how to work with compasses and protractors. We made beautiful artwork with these tools. Our work included constructing an equilateral triangle and bisecting the sides. If you have opportunity to visit the 2nd floor check out our pictures hanging in the hallway.
    • We have only 3 students left to interview in the entire 7th grade!! Next week will complete this project. I’ll take pictures of the hallway display so you can see your child’s answers about their time in grade 7.

Stay tuned for some schedule updates coming from the school. These will start next week. This will impact the way I do our home practice for the last 5 weeks. I haven’t fully decided what we’ll do, but I will let you know as soon as I decide!!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Week #33 Updates

We have 34 days of school left after today! A few of the kids helped convert our Pi chain into a school countdown chain. It is really hard to believe that the year is nearly over. However, as I remind myself … the entire summer is just about 75 days so 34 days is longer than the kids think! We still have a lot of learning to do in these last weeks of school. If you are interested in knowing how things fall out for the last portion, I have planned everything out in the calendar views on each class so you can see what is coming up. We will end the year with about 6-8 days of review and a final exam. I think it is important to have the opportunity to review and really focus broadly on what we learned this year as we conclude 7th grade. Continue reading “Week #33 Updates”

Week #32 Updates

This week FLEW by for me. I hope that it felt like a positive and quick week for your kids. In pre-Algebra we finished with Module 4. This was our linear equation unit and a large focus was on graphing these equations. Most of the kids did VERY well on the end of module test. I feel confident that the majority of the class has a good understanding of linear equations. I did pull a few kids for re-teaching some things during lunch. The smaller setting can help make things more digestible, and without the chaos of a lot of kids around during the after school. Talk with your child and if he or she is feeling stuck on any of the graphing things, please encourage them to arrange a one on one or small group time. Continue reading “Week #32 Updates”

Week #31 Updates

This short week was a busy one for us! In Pre-Algebra we worked on learning how to solve systems of equations 3 different ways. We started with graphing which served as a review of graphing and an intro to systems. Then, we moved to substitution and finally to elimination. The kids overwhelmingly agreed that this stuff is FUN! Some kids have been given a weekend assignment – self checking online assignment on Google Classroom as extra practice solving using elimination and substitution. They need to sign in to the site using google so that their progress is tracked. If they write their work on paper and struggle with anything, they can more easily seek help next week.

We’ll review this unit Monday and take our unit test on Tuesday. The unit test includes all things graphing!  Continue reading “Week #31 Updates”

Week #30 Updates

When our spring break rolled around I was frustrated that it was so early in the year thinking “if only it were later the weather would be warmer.” No such luck – 2 weeks later and it is the exact same weather. At least I’m no longer jealous of schools with later breaks than us. We’ve been back two weeks from our break and during that time the school musical happened and spring sports really got going. It is a busy time for kids and parents!!

Here are a few reminders for everyone:

  • It is the last week of the marking period. Your child received a grade report from me today. It lists the marking period 3 grade along with one thing I think they really did GREAT with this marking period and one thing I’d love them to work on for the last marking period.
  • We have a unit test in Math 7 next Thursday. We’re almost done with Module 4 and ready to start our last unit for the year.
  • Pre-Algebra is in the 2nd half of our linear equations unit. We’re going to continue to learn as much as we can about linear equations!!

Continue reading “Week #30 Updates”