In Pre-Algebra you will be learning almost all of the grade 7 material and grade 8 material in just one year!! Yes – that means we meet for 40 minutes each day and we have almost 2 years of math to learn. Expect home practice most every night and expect to work hard in this class.

Class Materials

Quarter 1

We start with Module 3 (the first two modules are completed in grade 6) and move into Module 4.

Quarter 2

We’ll finish Module 4 and go forward with Module 5 (Probability) and Module 6 (Geometry)

Quarter 3 & 4

For our grade 8 material we will get papers daily instead of working with modules. This is the time of year when we switch to binders from our folders so that we can keep all of our materials for grade 8 together.

Assignment details

I used to post in Homework Hotline for our school, but now with our extensive use of Google Classroom I expect you to check that for our work. Please use the board in class to copy assignments into your planner. When you are absent you can watch the class video and then see Google Classroom for materials. Don’t see what you are looking for? Email me to check in and I’ll get you what you need.